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Easycrane is a flexible articulated jib crane with integrated vacuum lifter for quick and easy lifting. The lifter is intuitive and easy to use and can handle loads of different size, shape and weight.


Flexible articulated jib crane with integrated vacuum lifter

Easycrane™ is a complete stand-alone lifting solution for fast and easy lifting. With a generous range and a height-adjustable floor pillar, it is adaptable to most workplaces. Add a mobile footplate and you can easily move Easycrane with a simple manual pallet truck between diffent workstations.

Easycrane gives you many advantages!

  • Quick and easy lifting of loads up to 45 kg
  • With a mobile footplate, no installation is required
  • Loads can be grabbed horizontally and vertically and rotated freely
  • A large selection of different suction cups an vacuum yokes
  • Quick connection for easy replacement of suction cup or tool

Common lifting applications are cardboard boxes, sacks, panels, barrels, furniture, and more.

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