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Movomech International AB

Movomech International AB is a well-established system supplier to many of the world's largest automotive companies and manufacturing industries.

Advanced projects within lifting technology

Movomech International AB is an independent company with specialist competence in advanced projects within lifting technology and material handling.

We regularly install handling solutions at several of the world’s largest automotive companies and manufacturing industries such as Ford, Nissan, Volvo Cars, Scania, General Motors, and many others.

Lyfthjälpmedel för lyft och montering av instrumentbrädor - lift assist for dashboards - cockpit - movomech

Complete system supplier

Our expertise covers all relevant engineering areas such as automation, 3D CAD design, electrical engineering, pneumatics, prototyping, ergonomics and technical documentation.

Based on Movomech’s extensive product range, we offer the entire chain from analysis and design to installation – a comprehensive commitment that guarantees an optimal solution for our customers.

The project organisation of Movomech International delivers and installs material handling and lifting solutions both in Sweden and internationally – mainly in Europe, but also in countries such as Mexico, USA, South Africa, China, India, and more.

Competences in interaction

Our design philosophy is based on extensive experience and interaction between practical testing, theoretical calculations and design in the latest CAD programs.

The design covers everything from the overall layout of overhead crane systems, selecting the most suitable lifting manipulator with balancing and steering, to developing the perfect gripper tool. Behind the optimal tool is often a combination of different techniques.


Advanced gripper design

We work with advanced control technology, pneumatics, mechanics and electronics. Often there is a combination of different techniques behind the perfect end effector.

We often design tools that can handle different types of objects, for example, when multiple model variants are produced on the same line, which means less conversion time and lower investment cost.

Quality and environment
Movomech international is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Concern for the environment is part of our culture and quality improvement an integral part of our business. Minimal environmental impact is a key part of all our manufacturing and forms part of the strategic work.

Read about our quality and environment policies under Corporate policy.

More information

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