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Industrial manipulators

Ergonomic lifting aids in the form of industrial manipulators, articulated torque arms, chain hoists and balance lifters are used to create safe and ergonomic solutions for lifting and manual material handling in many different industries.

Movomech utvecklar och tillverkar lyfthjälpmedel till industrinlyftmanipulatorer
Lyftutrustning och lyfthjälpmedel från Movomech
Lyftmanipulatorer och balanslyftare, lyfthjälpmedel, lyfthjälp, Movomech AB i Kristianstad
Movomech designs your bespoke jib crane lifting solution

Industrial manipulators

Genuine industry expertise and unique intuition for motion

Movomech has developed and manufactured lifting manipulators under its own brands and in its own production facilities in Kristianstad for over 30 years.

Many years of experience have given us genuine industry expertise and unique intuition for motion, which we use to create optimal lifting solutions together with our customers.

All lifting manipulators are inspected before delivery with thorough quality checks and tests to ensure that the final product complies with current regulations and is of a high standard.

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