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Panel gripper tool

Panels are heavy and cumbersome. An ergonomic gripper tool saves your back and makes work easy and efficient!

Skivlyftverktyg - skivlyft - skivhantering Movomech
Skivlyft med tilt - Movomech
Pneumatisk balanslyftare med lyftvajer, vajerlyftare Mechline Pro - Movomech
Skivlyft - skivlyftverktyg - skivhantering - Movomech lyftverktyg för lyft av skivor

Panel gripper tool

NEW: Concept for easy panel lifting

Movomech’s modular panel lifting tool facilitates the lifting of panels, cartons and board material in many different trades and industries. The panel handling tool concept has a generous number of accessories and configuration options – making it perfectly adapted to each unique workstation.

Productivity and safety in focus

With vacuum, panel material of up to 100 kg is handled safely and gently. Pilot controlled check valves provide a safe lift and dual vacuum circuits are available as an option for operations with special needs. There are also several different monitoring functions to choose from.

Flexible operating handle for optimum operator ergonomics

The flexible and ergonomic operating handle enables stacking of material up to 1800 mm. The operating handle is straight or articulated and its mounting angle is easily adjustable and lockable in the desired position. In the unlocked position, the control handle is vertically balanced and maintained at the correct ergonomic level for the operator during the entire work process.

Integration of lifting unit completes the concept

In the operator panel, the lifting unit’s control device is fully integrated. Two standard combinations are offered:

Mechchain Pro II™ electric high-precision frequency controlled chain hoist

Mechline Pro™ / Mechline Pro Crane™ pneumatic wire lifter
(up to ca 20-25 kg)


Product features
  • Tool concept in different sizes
  • For handling of panels from 600×600 mm to 2000×1000 mm
  • For weights up to 100 kg
  • Can be used for stacking up to 1800 mm
  • Configured for solid or porous materials
  • Articulated and balanced control handle with selectable length
  • Full integration of the lifting unit’s control device
  • Smooth tilt function for lifting to and from material racks (option)
  • Free rotation for full freedom of movement (option)
  • Load relief sensor for increased safety (option)
  • CE marked according to standard ISO 14238

Do you want to know more?

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Jonas Ahlgren

Area Sales Manager

Movomech AB

Niclas Lovelid

Area Sales Manager

Movomech AB

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