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Corporate policy

Caring for customers, employees, quality and environment

Movomech’s core business consists of developing, designing, manufacturing, selling and installing complete material handling solutions to the manufacturing and automotive industries.

Movomech should be perceived as one of the world’s leading and most customer-oriented providers in the segments in which we operate.

We will actively work for an economically viable business development where commitments to continuous improvement along with socially and ecologically sustainable development are fundamental principles.

We focus on our customers, our employees and our environment through the following set of strategies.

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Listen to our customers’ wishes and requirements in order to give them maximum customer benefit.

Provide competence development for all employees in order to create the foundation for increased quality in our operations, less vulnerability to interference and more qualified, varied and stimulating tasks.

Increase the efficiency of our use of raw materials and energy.

Prevent and gradually reduce the environmental impact caused by our operations, primarily the use of raw materials and energy as well as the emissions to air caused by production and transport.

Continuously and actively inform, educate and engage our staff and our customers.

Conduct active systematic work environment improvements to create a physically, psychologically and socially healthy and developing workplace for all employees, where hazards for occupational injuries and occupational health are mapped, prevented and monitored.

Be responsive to changes and reactions in our world and always ready to improve our way of working.


By influencing both suppliers and customers to take the same responsibility and demonstrate the corresponding transparency as ourselves, we aim to make a difference for customers, employees and the environment.


Krister Johnsson, CEO

Movomech AB     Movomech International AB


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